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Client Praise

Ms Barron helped us with the design of our remodeled house built in 1961 and updated to be more friendly and useful. We diid the work but she advised us of some of the contractors. Myself and one carpenter did most of the work. We hired subs for painting and tape bed and texture. We used her painting and texture subs. Her eye for practicality and updated items like the Kitchen cabinets was very helpful and we have enjoyed them very much.

Another decorator told us 6 months and a lot of money to do the Kitchen and master bath up upgrade.

With Carrie Barron's leadership we did the whole house in 3 months and under budget with a lot more work completed.


Carrie guided us through the process of selecting plumbing and lighting fixtures, carpet, paint, etc., for a complete home renovation. She listened patiently to our ideas and made suggestions that in the end made all the difference, and gave us a result we couldn’t be happier with.  Walking through the Design Center in Dallas with Carrie everyone knew her and stopped to chat—I understand why. She’s the best!

Brent Johnson

Working with Carrie, of Carrie Barron Interiors, was an absolute pleasure.  Carrie took the time to meet with my partner and I to discuss wants, needs, styles of design and expectations.  She made it very clear that being transparent about our feelings, and her as well, would ensure our combined success.  

Carrie played many roles in the project and executed each seamlessly.  In this project Carrie pushed boundaries and never settled on "its always been done that way" practices.  Having said that, I know that my partner and I would have, only because we wouldn't have known otherwise.  Carrie went to bat for us each and everyday and for that we are grateful!

As I find myself writing this review, I can't help but smirk, because well before this we have been spreading the word to all of our friends of Carrie and her skills; which in case or two have led to a new client.  We will always recommend Carrie if we hear someone is going to go through a design project.

Let me close by saying, just in case my review isn't enough, know that her design on our bathroom won her a Legacy of Design 1st place award this year!

Andre Mora

I have been using Carrie for about 10 years across three different homes. She does a great job of finding my style, even as it changes, and a phenomenal job at putting a space together (based on that style) that surpasses any expectations I had. She will design a space around your budget, making it easy to want to work with her again in the future. She is definitely my go-to for putting my home together or improving it.

Kristy Campbell

We have used Carrie on two major projects in our home.  We updated our kitchen and den and Carrie handled all the details.  We were very pleased with the results.  Carrie has a great eye and thought of things that we did not see.  We loved the colors she recommended.  Carrie is very knowledgeable and is a true professional in what she does.  Can’t wait to use her again on our next project.

Maureen Adams

Carrie Barron, owner of Carrie Barron Interiors, is an extremely talented designer. Her expertise covers a wide range of interior design needs. Carrie listens to her clients to get an understanding of their vision. She guides her clients through the design process with professionalism, her keen sense of style and most importantly with patience. Her resources are vast enabling her to choose products, furnishings and any design needs to meet any budget. I would never consider changing anything in my house withour consulting Carrie first!!

Betsy Porter